The injustice of bullying By Annouck

First of all, I chose to talk about bullying because I think that it is a big problem in all the schools and it must change.

Bullying has always been a big problem. Especially at schools. Bullying is an abuse of human rights. We don't always see it or hear or are a part of it, but it is there. Bullying effects a lot of people. The friends that are around you are afraid that they will also get bullied if they stay around you so they are going to stay away from you.

Types of bullying:

There is bullying at school, social bullying, Verbal bullying, Physical bullying and cyber bullying.

Some people bully because of other people’s race, if they are fat or thin, tall or short, and difference in social classes.

This can lead to suicide even at a young age because they are feeling attacked.

Belgium scores a low 21st in a ranking of 28 countries for fighting and bullying at schools. According to the chair of the Flemish anti-bullying network Kies kleur tegen pesten (Take Sides Against Bullying), the report is not a revelation. “Research has previously shown that bullying is a major problem in this country,” said spokesperson Gie Deboutte.

The top 11 countries where there are bullies by order are, Slovak Republic, Poland, Luxembourg, France, Switzerland, Canada, Portugal, Belgium, Russia, Estonia, and Austria. Austria reported the highest number of bullying cases globally. 1 out of every 5 students experiences bullying.

A lot of people think that where there is the most bully is in America, but it is actually in Europe

Our NGO is trying to let everyone know that bullying really can hurt, even if it is one bad word you say to someone, that someone can feel easily attacked. So what we are trying to do is help those are feeling attacked and bullied and let the bullies know that they can’t just make fun of people like that. We are also trying to find a way for cyber bullying, which is bullying by social media. We are trying to create a computer program which can detect bad words or bad sentences and then not accept it. If you help us raise this NGO there will be no more negativity, and sadness, people getting depressed, but there will be positivity all around.

You should fund us because it will help understand the bullits to stop to bully and also so that the people who are being bullied have protections and so that we can help them.


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