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Asia is in the centre of attention for the CIO (the International Olympic Comity), in fact Asia’s cities will host the future Olympics Games. There will be Pyeongchang (South Korea) for Winter Olympics 2018, Tokyo (Japan) for summer Olympics 2020 and Beijing (China) for winter Olympics 2022.

I’ve decided to study the Beijing Olympics 2022 with the article “Beijing 2022 announce marketing program” extract from site of information China Daily, the 2017-02-27 written by Xinhua.

We will understand the election of the city; the advantages it had compared to its competitors. Then we will analysis the key points of it’s marketing program. In the last part we will deal with the problems of these Winter Olympics.

Let’s interest to the 2022 Olympics games in Beijing. Indeed, Beijing has been elected to be the host city for the 2022 Winter Olympics games in Kuala Lumpur on friday, July 31st of 2017 by the CIO (International Olympic Comitee). Beijing was in competition with Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Oslo (Norway).

The Chinese officials deduced the fact that their capital already arranges the heaviest infrastructures, in particular the immense stadium, “the bird’s nest” (“Nid-d'Oiseau”), which will welcome ceremonies of opening and close, the "Cube" (the Olympic swimming pool transformed into ice rink for the ice sports and an Olympic village, all inherited of the Summer games of 2008.

"the cube"
“the bird’s nest”

Besides, the imperial city has quality infrastructures, whether it is at the level of its hotel capacity either transport with two big international airports. Furthermore, Beijing has already experiment organization of world sport events protecting the delivery in time from sports facilities

The final cost of the Olympics games of Beijing 2022 would reach 1,5 billion dollars (against 1,85 billion for Almaty) that is a level far below the Sochi Olympics which had reached the 36 billion dollars including expenses of infrastructures either summer Olympics of Beijing 2008 with a cost about 42 billion.

The budget of the JO(Olympics) of 2022 will be balanced by the recipes of the sale of tickets, the sponsoring of marketing and other income. The CIO will be actively involved by financing 800 million dollars.

The marketing program for the Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games was officially launched by the organizers here on Monday 27 of February 2017.

The marketing program comprises three major parts, namely sponsorships program, licensing program and ticketing program. The launch ceremony, attended by some 500 business leaders, officials, athletes, potential sponsors and media, outlined the benefits and services of sponsorships.

Beijing 2022 represent tremendous marketing value as it will encourage 300 million people to participate in winter sports, greatly enhance the popularization of winter sports among the young people, and speed up the implementation of the strategy of integrated and coordinated development of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. The Games will be an important platform for China to showcase to the whole world its great achievements in the drive of building a moderately prosperous society in an all-round way.

"A successful marketing program is important to guarantee for a good edition of Olympic Winter Games, and it is also a driving force for the healthy development of Olympic movement.It will help Chinese enterprises boost their strength and go to the global stage, and will help oversee enterprises to develop further. It will bring economic benefits and social benefits at the same time." Beijing 2022 president Guo Jinlong, International Olympic Committee (IOC).

The rights package offered from Beijing 2022 to sponsoring enterprises includes marketing rights, hospitality rights, rights of products and services supplying and so on.

Beijing 2022 has an experienced team that was involved in successful marketing program of Beijing 2008 Games and has a strong understanding of both the Chinese market procedures and the marketing rules set by IOC and International Paralympic Committee.

Beijing 2022 will also officially start to authorize licensed enterprise (licensee) in 2018 to produce and sell products that contain official Olympic logo. The licensing program of Beijing 2022 includes the licensed products plan, commemorative coins/banknotes and stamps program.

In addition, Beijing 2022 will work closely with relevant government authorities to strengthen the protection of Olympic intellectual properties and other related rights in order to provide sufficient and effective protection for the sponsoring enterprises.

Weak points remain on the other hand behind this appointment of Beijing to organize 24th Winter Olympics.

These Games will use some artificial snow, what condemned very numerous sportsmen. In it is added the fact that the artificial snow is very greedy in water while at the same time it becomes scarce in Beijing and in the neighbouring province of Hebei (this province already benefits from the diversion of the river Yangzi and from its tributaries of the center of the country northward). China in order to face a cruel lack of water in this region, had implanter a controversial project baptized " shui bei diao nan ", or " diversion of waters of the South northward ". Two long canals and a system of roadblocks allowing to tip over a part of the stream of Yangzi and its tributaries to the centre of the country on thousand kilometres towards the northeast. The project is titanic and more than 300 000 people were rehoused by strength.

Some tweet after the election of the city of Beijing

The question of the human rights, even if it hadn’t been take in account by the CIO, makes people react and a petition of Free Tibet and against these Olympics Games was launched.

Finally, China has no culture, neither history and nor sports tradition regarding winter sports. China took away her first silver medal only during the JO of Albertville in 1992 and it first golden medal in Salt Lake city’s in 2002. China is generally situated around the 12th and 14th place in the classification of medals by country and it disciplines-phases in the winter sports are the pair of shorts-track, the figure skating, the freestyle skiing and the speed skating.

To conclude, we can say that these olympics will be controversial, on the one hand it will be beneficial for China to develop the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region and show to the world its ability to prepare and organise such a big event. But on the other hand, the fact that China will use artificial snow, it will misrepresent the "snow sports".

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