Family summer feature

Eric Munn stepped onto Siena College’s campus as a freshman in 2015 and instantly set to work. As a student athlete who plans to get his degree in Finance, Munn took his own path while still keeping his strong family values.

The Siena Men’s Lacrosse team is rich in its history of generations of families and siblings finding their names on the roster, which was evident this past season with the Pantalone brothers and Prunty brothers on the roster, along with Tim Cousin’s brother having played for the squad previously. Munn has three siblings, Michael, Emily, and Nicholas and all three went to Ithaca College. Here, Munn diverged a bit from the family path and chose a college family within the Siena Lacrosse program.

Munn played football, basketball, track, and lacrosse at Canandaigua Academy and Deerfield Academy. During his time playing he racked up the 2014 Daily Messenger Co-Player of the Year for Lacrosse, the 2014 Monroe County Division 2 Player of the Year for Lacrosse, as well as the Monroe County Honorable Mention for football. With his hard work on the field, Munn was recruited by Siena, Rutgers, Mercer, Syracuse, Georgetown, Salisbury, and the family school, Ithaca. With his choice of schools, Munn made his decision to come to Siena College. “I chose Siena because I immediately felt at home when I stepped on campus,” Munn said.

Siena student athletes hear early and often about the tangible benefits of using their athletics and academic “families” to explore professional paths well before graduating. Men’s lacrosse offers a particularly rich culture for networking. Almost annually, Pete Ruggiero ‘93 offers a day of networking throughout New York City financial channels. Closer to the Capital Region, Eric Hungershafer ‘04 gives back in similar vein to his younger ‘brothers’ with assistance from his own brother, Ryan Hungershafer ‘02 (football). The Hungershafers' offer mentoring and networking help through the financial work they share at Northwestern Mutual.

Now a rising junior, Munn knew it would be smart to take the summer and intern to gain experience. After two years at Siena, he has cumulated a 3.85 grade point average in Finance and found himself on the MAAC All-Academic team for his hard work in the classroom. Munn began his internship with Riley, Nichols & Munn, an independent financial planning and investment firm based out of Rochester, New York, at the beginning of the summer. As the name suggests, Munn is a younger generation of the firm’s partners and noted how his contributions were valued as helpful and insightful. Munn’s older brother Michael is a Financial Consultant for Riley, Nichols & Munn.

Riley, Nichols & Munn

“Ultimately, this experience has taught me that it is never too early to start working towards financial independence,” Munn noted. “Each meeting I had with clients further opened my eyes to the benefits of seeking financial planning advice. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to contribute my ideas and use what I have learned in my classes and on the field at Siena College to make a difference in the real world. All in all, effort and persistence are essential in order to receive desired results for the classroom, the lacrosse field, and the world of finance.”

“Eric is fortunate to have a built-in business network established through his family. Were that not the case, though, his tremendous work ethic and GPA would certainly have opened other ‘family’ doors, be it through Siena lacrosse network or elsewhere,” suggested Lori Jancik, Director of Student Athlete Engagement.

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