What makes a perfect parent?

Wisdom on parenting seems to shift by the hour.

  • a baby should always be put to sleep on her back?
  • breastfeeding is the only way to guarantee a healthy child?
  • crying baby should never be picked up?

Fear is a major component in the act of parenting!

"Risks that scare people and the risks that kill people are very different"

fear dictates our decisions ✂ ✂ ✂ fear of death needs to be narrowed down

Most Important issues

  • Parents have issues deciding whether to punish their child, or to spoil them
  • Bad parenting matters! There is a link between abortion and crime that makes it clear, unwanted children who are subjected to neglect and abuse often have the worst outcome than children who had parents who eagerly welcomed their children


  • Parents often think they know everything about raising children and often tell other parents how they should raise their children
  • Many parents are too precarious about things that they don't really need to be very cautious of
  • There are simple things parents can do to protect their child, often things they don't think of, such as car seats and driving

so how much do parents really matter?

They matter a GREAT deal!

They influence our future, good and/or bad!

💡"Isn't much a matter of what you do as a parent; it's who you are"💡



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