My Trip to the FMNH by Jacob Geier

Nature on Display

This was one of the coolest things I've ever seen at a museum. The exhibit behind me in the photo above is me behind what would be one of the largest sharks if it were still alive today. I have always been fascinated with the ocean and the creatures in it, especially the big ones. I constantly bother my dad telling him, " I wanna ride on a blue whale". This exhibit showed many large shark jaws( the one behind me was the biggest). The only one however that was not extinct was the great white which was relatively small compared to rest. This exhibit caught my eye because of the scale of it. All of prehistoric fossils made me wonder about what life would be like if they were still alive. This sense of wonder made my museum experience a lot of fun.

Nature and Ethics

The museum also let me experience nature directly. The butterfly rain forest was really an experience. The little birds with their bright sharp colors were so vibrant and mesmerizing. You could really get a good look of them because they wouldn't fly away immediately. I never had an experience like that before. A lot families were there teaching their kids about the different animals and exhibits and I kind of felt like a kid too. I found most of the exhibits to be entertaining even though it was mostly just looking at replica fossils. In the image above I saw a preservation of Florida's wetlands exhibit. It's extremely important to preserve nature because it's what can open our minds to new ideas and give us relaxation that is our blood to have. I feel like I should try and be more active to preserve nature after my trip to the museum.

Nature and the Human Spirit

The Natural History Museum was a really great experience for me because it let me enjoy the things I don't usually think about. Seeing what came before us and how different it was really makes your mind think, but not like the way you would during a test. It's more like a relaxing and happy thought about the wonder of nature. We look at how nature evolved for all different forms of life and it helps us think about where we came from as humans. Also, it depicts how our timeline is a lot shorter than we think it is. There should be more required trips to museums and nature to remind us of that.


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