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In the time of the Industrial Revolution there were lots of good and bad things happening, but is the era as a whole good? The Industrial Revolution started when new inventions and ideas were being thought up and these were generally to improve the lives of Americans. This age brought us some things that we still use today. It also gave us things that we aren't proud of. But all together the Industrial Revolution was a blessing because it gave many people more job opportunities, it brought new inventions, and it saw the creation of Labor Unions.

Irish Immigrants Leaving for Jobs in America

Job Opportunities

The Industrial Revolution was a blessing because it gave lots of people more job opportunities. It gave many people job opportunities because of new factories. The factories gave Americans a way to get money for their families. This also helped immigrants have from coming from different countries. Also these factories gave work to women. As stated by the Vermont Phœnix, these immigrants are getting work, and that work can sometimes lead to some things greater. (Third column third paragraph.) Getting work for immigrants is possibly the reason that they came to America and when that goal has been accomplished, it is amazing.

Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin Patent


As well as job opportunities being a blessing, new inventions are as well . The cotton gin is one of these inventions that really helped America. Because of the cotton gin America became one of the biggest leaders in exporting cotton. As said in the Cotton Gin article on Britannica School, "The cotton gin was an immediate success. The simplicity of the invention caused it to be widely copied." Another invention that was a blessing to America was the telegraph. The telegraph enabled people to communicate over long distances without having to travel there. This invention really helped develop the country in a new way.

Painting of a Strike (These happened before Labor Unions were uniform)

Labor Unions

In addition to new inventions and job opportunities, another blessing bestowed upon America because of the Industrial Revolution, was labor unions. These were to help the workers to have fair rights. Before these unions were established workers held strikes to get their way. Strikes could have led to either losing their job, or getting some of what they wanted. The unions were a more concrete way to negotiate with they employer. The Britannica school Encyclopædia States that Labor Unions "Create conditions favorable to union organization and to demands of wage earners for improved living standards." This essentially explains the use of these Labor Unions and why they are needed and important.

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