Cavalry By:Sofia Uddin

Even though you might think that horses are just meant for riding, your wrong! Horses actually have done many things to improve our country. We still use them to this day!
Horses are fast-moving fighters. They are commonly known as horses that ran into battle. Many people even used horses to do mounted fighting. In the Civil War horses were used to scout and raid. If we didn't have horses we wouldn't have able to spy on the other teams without being seen.
So far, it seems as if horses are amazing animals, but horses are VERY expensive. Because they are so expensive, only the richest people were able to buy them back then.
Horses are also very hard to ride, let alone fighting on them! People needed to spend hours on end to try to learn how to fight on horses.

Horses have impacted our world greatly, they are animals that have gotten us to places far and wide, they have allowed us to win wars, and they have improved technology greatly.

In order for horses to do well in battle, the rider has to communicate with the horse. Back then during battle if the rider had good communication with the horse the rider was able to take their hands off the reigns and fight, as they were riding the horse. Because people were able to ride with no hands, the other team would feel intimidated and would usually lose. Since everyone was able to ride with no hands, they had the motivation to develope more weapons, so they could fight more efficiently in battle.
Horses allowed riders to get to places faster. Mechanics looked at how the horses moved as they were prancing, running, and walking. This let the mechanics know how to create something similar to horse, so people could get places as fast, but without using horses. This led to the invention of other forms of transportation.
Horses have effected our country in multiple ways. They scout and raid, so during wars we were able to spy and figure out our enemies attacks without blowing our cover. They also allow us to escape from enemies fast if we were caught.

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