Florida Museum of Natural History Frogs: a chorus of colors by Moses Choi IUF 1000

Nature On Display

As I first entered the Frogs: A Chorus of Colors Exhibit, I was really amazed at all the bright and colorful displays around a dark room to accent the displays. It was very appealing to see the different habitats of the frogs, the screens that showed pictures of them, and the information that highlighted important and interesting facts about the different species. What struck my attention were the different previews of some of the species through live frogs like the photo shows.

Nature and Ethics

As I read the information given by the boards and learn about how frogs have been a part of nature, I realized that they are in danger. Threats such as habitat loss, pollution, pesticides, climate change, over-harvesting, and diseases all contribute to endangered species and even extinction. It is our duty as humans to be ethical in the treatment of these creatures and to have a moral code of conduct towards our environment. These displays provided lots of information on how we must have a good conscience about what our actions can do to affect the population of frogs as well as other creatures.

Nature and the Human Spirit

One of the final things that I saw that really touched me was the quote of Kermit the Frog. Even if it was a little immature of me to be touched by it, it really gave me a time to reflect on what role humans play in nature. We are all part of a system of life that depend on each other. This quote means that if you decide to do something to help nature when they are already dead, it is too late. It is in our spirit to give, to help, to care, and to love. So this last picture serves to remind us that there is beauty left in the world that our spirits can all connect to and the majesty of this world should be kept intact for as long as possible. It is our duty to help preserve and protect this world for us and our future.

Photography by: Joe and Mary Ann McDonald, Dave Northcott, John Netherton, Bill Love, and Moses Choi

Rainforest Wallpaper:http://eskipaper.com/rainforest-wallpaper-10.html#gal_post_55393_rainforest-wallpaper-10.jpg

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