Cifernet Introduction

4As - Anyone Access Anything from Anywhere


Create a new generation secured P2P network platform to allow the EASIEST and FASTEST devices connection without the CLOUD.

Why are we different?

Connecting devices using the traditional network technology is slow and cumblesome that involve savvy technical knowledge and equipments. Cloud Computing provides an alternative way for devices interconnection, however the security and performance is a big concern to many people. Cifernet is reinventing the P2P technology by combining SDN and Virtual Networking so that it can be adapted easily at a much lower cost to personal users and also to IOT developers for deploying their smart devices and application.


By setting up Cifergates throughout the world at IDC to provide high speed tunnels for users authentication and data transport occasionally.

End Users can then build their own private cloud networks using Cifernet SmartNodes or SmartRouters, with the Cifernet Apps which is available in iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

By Combining the Cifergates, SmartNodes, SmartRouters, and Cifernet APP, users are able to access any devices/applications from anywhere securely (AES256 + SHA1-HMAC) and easily at a much lower cost than traditional methods.


Cifernet App in Windows, Mac OSX, Android, iOS, Linus; Cifernet Smartnodes, etc....
Most Innovative P2P network Platform in the world!

All of the followings can now be done WITHOUT Cloud:

SMB is able to extend the local LAN globally to connect devices in different offices using Cifernet P2P Network Platform, users are now able to remotely access internal file servers, printers, or access to intranet application such as Quickbook, Lacerte, Calyx Point, ERP, etc. from anywhere...

iOT developers can now develop smart devices/applications WITHOUT Cloud to avoid hefty bandwidth cost, security and performance issues...and also no longer to be bounded by the Cloud platform hardware modules anymore...

Remote gamers are able to create LAN like environment to play games such as Minecraft...

Property Management companies and Individuals need to access IP security CAMs, Building Lights, Smart Locks, Smart Sensors, Security Devices, etc. without Cloud...

Personal users can now setup private VPN (by using Cifernet Smartnode) to secure WIFI connection in the public and also able to access local and censored content from anywhere.

Download and install the app...
Sign up an account based on your needs....
  • No need to hire any professionals
  • No need to do any port forwarding
  • No need to open any ports in the router
  • No need to spend hard-earned money on expensive firewall/VPN
  • No need to pay monthly static IP charge to your internet provider
  • No need to pay high VPN license and annual support fee anymore
Now you can connect other devices or internal servers or NAS easily for data and application...
Or setup Cifernet SmartNode to access internal IP devices such as IPCams, Lights, Door Locks, etc.
Local or Censored content can now be accessed from anywhere via the SmartNode...

Products and Prices?

For users that only need software clients to connect their computers and mobile phones, please visit for different plans...

Personal SmartNode for single user to geo-unblock video content: USD$99.00/user/device.

SMB SmartNode NEO: USD$299.00, user subscription plan is available on

SMB Router M3 for better performance: USD$599.00, user subscription plan is available on

Enterprise class 1U Gateway or SmartNode are all custom made to large enterprise, please contact Ken at for quotation

iOT developers: Please contact Samson at for developer kits and SDK!

For more information, please contact us at
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