Save The Koalas! By antos pindral

Koalas or Phascolarctos cinereus are an herbivorous marsupial native to Australia. They mostly live in trees and are about 24-33 inches tall and can weigh up to 30 pounds. Roughly speaking they look like little grey bears, hence the nickname koala bear. They have large semi circular ears, large noses and small eyes. Also they have very distinct looking paws as it looks like they have two thumbs on their front set. Koalas are very slow and methodical creatures who rarely wish to cause harm. They are primarily interested in napping and eating eucalyptus tree leaves all day.

Nobody knows exactly how many koalas there are but many sources estimate around 80,000. During the beginning of the last century there were millions but they were heavily hunted for their fur. Their population continues to decrease even today primarily because of habitat loss. Apart from this they also suffer from diseases, attacks from cats and dogs, bushfires, and chlamydia. their natural predators are pythons, large owls, and dingoes but those do not cause a big problem suprisingly.

Koalas live primarily on the far eastern portion of Australia. They can be found in forest and woodlands where eucalyptus trees are plentiful. They are mostly solitary and do not migrate. Koalas barely affect the ecosystem and conservation attempts are being made primarily because of how iconic they are. These conservation attempts have been proved largely ineffective however. They are being put in protected environments but mostly just awareness is being raised to protect these animals. Koalas were labeled as "vulnerable" in 2012 by the Australian Government. The label was later changed too "critically endangered"

In conclusion, although Koalas are not extremely necessary to their ecosystems they are still animals and because of that they deserve a right to live just like any other organism does. Hopefully this presentation has raised awareness about the danger the Koala is in.


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