Game Theory Nick Rose

We have discussed the different types of land usage in an urban city. The different types of land include: industrial, commercial, residential, transportation, recreational, and institutional. Noe we are mapping our city on a poster board.

We have begun building some things and making the land flat. I have helped clear the trees and hills to make it easier to build things, and help make the border.

We are working on the buildings. So far we have made a lot of the town hall, and have started on a mine.

We finished the mine, built a Colosseum, and have built a skyscraper. We are putting in windows and floors in the skyscraper now.

The skyscraper has floors and windows. We built a hospital, a prison, and we laid the outlines for other buildings.

I have been responsible with making a mine, helping with the Colosseum, the prison, the college campus, the sky scrapers, the roads, the strip mall, and the hospital.

Our scenario is that global warming has risen the sea levels. We plan to build dams to keep the water from rising in our city.

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