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These various masks come from four different tribes in Africa and two countries, Sierra Leone and Cote d Ivorie. Despite having four different places of origin, the masks are all made of the same material and all serve to either respect the gods or to ward off evil spirits and disasters. Seeing them in person allowed me to realize the connection that these people have with their environment as well as the gods and spirits they encounter in their daily lives. Seeing the masks made me feel very distant from these people because of how different our cultures and beliefs are. The most impressive part of the masks in my opinion is the detail that is present in the carvings, because even with minimal tools these people were able to create masterpieces.
The African History exhibit was most appealing to me because it presents a look into a culture that we often don't get to experience or to hear about. When you first enter the exhibit the statue in the picture is facing the entrance almost as if it is welcoming you into this part of history. Because of the location, the statue also watches you leave that part of history and enter another. Furthermore, the various displays in the room are placed in such a way that each exhibit shows a new culture and the characteristics that make it unique, but when you look back you are able to see the similarities between the many cultures that make up Africa.
I believe that it is important for us to have a close relationship with the outdoors because of the amount of knowledge and peace that it provides. While the picture is beautiful, it also made me realize that this is the closest that some people may ever get to experiencing the swamps of Florida that I have explored numerous times. It helps me to appreciate my ease of access to an environment like this and to feel sorry for those who won't have the opportunity. The picture solidifies my belief, because as our world gets more urbanized, more people will become out of touch with the outdoors.
This painting evokes the theme of sharing, it depicts a family who is clearly excited and happy to be together and have the opportunity to create memories. The painting shows that by creating strong relationships with people, it gives us the chance to share our experiences with each other and create a positive experience for many people. The painting supports my belief that we need to maintain strong bonds with our family because they are the most important people in our lives.
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