My Weekend on Easter

I like Easter because of spring, it's Spring Holiday and trees are blossoming.
And a lot of different flowers are blossoming at the same time. Daffodils, gerbera, tulips and many many others.

On Saturday I was countryside. Here I always feel myself free and I like this place very much

I have the most favorite sight which I always capture.

It's a single apple tree. This day it was nice too.

During the year according to the seasons the sight and tree is different. And I always get pictures of it

Summer morning

In the winter

During summer

One autumn

Morning early autumn

Foggy summer morning

I believe that is the most beautiful and awesome rainbow I have ever seen. And it happened here.
On Saturday also was the rainbow in Kiev
We colored eggs for Easter with my young daughter
Humpty Dumpty
Humpty Dumpty & Friend

On Sunday we went to the park for a walk

In the park flowers are blossoming and it looks marvelous. It's like grean-yellow carpet .

It was raining and park was silent.

We walked alone in the rain
Enjoy the silence

On Sunday

There was movie
There were a lot of big, really big eggs
Some of them was really awesome
Some of them are in popular trend but nice

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