I want high quality fish Vote for pulse fishing

16 January, Strasbourg

In recent years, the Dutch fisheries sector has invested a great deal in pulse fishing. An innovative technique with many advantages. We explain these benefits in four news items. Today you can read about the reduction of unwanted catch.

'better quality fish when caught by pulse'

Vote in favour of the compromise reached in the PECH committee

Dutch Federation of Fish Wholesalers and Processors about the quality of Pulse-caught Fish

'Overall we conclude that fishery products that have been obtained by fishing with the pulse technique are ecofriendly, selective and help reduce the carbon footprint. This means that fishery products obtained from pulse fisheries are perfectly safe to put on the shelf in the supermarket.'

The Fisherman about the quality of Pulse-caught Fish

The merchant about the quality of Pulse-caught Fish

The Michelin starred chef about de quality of Pulse-caught Fish

I want high quality fish.



January 15th 18h N3.2 European Parliament Strasbourg

“Information on Pulse Fisheries in relation to the 16 Janaury Vote”

No application necessary.


VisNed: Pim Visser 0031 653146220

Nederlandse Vissersbond: Durk van Tuinen 0031 642408572


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