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Mount Everest, is it worth the risk?

Every year, people try to climb Mount Everest, but it's very dangerous and some people even die trying. One reason why it's dangerous is that there is a lot less oxygen at the summit. You can easily become tired and fall. Plus, you have to bring your own oxygen which climbing hard because it could be so heavy. Another reason is because of the extreme weather. The average temperature is -33°F and its unpredictable. In 2013 an avalanche happened and killed 13 sherpas. It was a terrible tragedy. Also it can be tricky to climb because there are so many crevices and ways you could fall. Only the most trained people should climb Mount Everest because it is so dangerous.


People in desert regions live near oases.

Question: How do people adapt to living in a desert region?

There are two important ways that people use to adapt to living in the harsh desert areas of the Sahara. One way is by living near an Oasis and another way is to use technology to make life easier. People live near Oasis to have clean water to drink, for growing crops, and to have water for their animals. People live near Oasis to have clean water to drink, for growing crops, and to have water for their animals. Farming is important near Oases because farmers use their farms to grow cash crops, and to make money. They grow date palms, wheat and barley. Also, it's important for nomadic herders to go to Oases because they need water and better pasture. Drilling machines, electric pumps, and improved desert transportation are some ways that people in the desert have used technology to adapt to life in the desert. The drilling machines can cut through rock to find underground water, and then electric pumps bring the water up from underground. Trucks are now used instead of camels and small planes can fly materials and people between different oases. Living in the desert could be challenging, but people can adapt to live in the difficult environment.

What forces work for and against supranational cooperation among nations?

In a supranational cooperation like the EU there are forces that unite and divide the nations. Centripetal forces will unite the countries that belongs to the EU. Citizenship in the EU can be a centripetal force. If a person is a citizen in the EU, the citizen could work at any job or live in country in the EU. This unites the EU because people can move and live more freely in Europe. However, an economic centrifugal force that divides the EU is that the wealthier West nations worry about losing jobs to poorer east nations. Workers in Western Europe make more money than workers in Eastern Europe. Since EU citizens can move to any EU country a lot of Eastern Europeans move to the west for better jobs. The problem with this is that the wealthier western countries feel they are going to start losing jobs and getting paid less because people are moving in to take their jobs. The supranational cooperation of the EU is complicated because of the forces that unite and divide the nations.

What is the difference between limited and unlimited government?

The difference between limited and unlimited governments have all the power and limited governments have checks on their power. An example of an unlimited government is a dictatorship. Dictators don't follow laws and they use the Military to keep control over the people. An example of a limited government us a democracy. Usually democracies give give power to the people and there are checks on the government leaders. The United States have a democracy with limited government. The limits include Rule of Law. This means that the laws are fair and enforced, an nobody, not even the elected elders are above the law. Limited government prevents governments from abusing their power and makes sure people have freedom and rights protected.

The United States gonvernment is limited.

What is a good citizen?

There are many ways to be a good citizen. One way is to alway obey the law. Another way is to take responsibility and vote. Also, good citizens pay taxes. Good citizens stay informed, so they know about issues when they're voting. Also good citizens care about their community. They will take care of their neighborhoods and care for their environment.

Good citizens are informed when they vote.


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