Father Miguel Martinez Figueroa Honoring #HeroPriests

Father Miguel Martinez Figueroa (Archdiocese of Chicago '01), Santa Maria del Popolo, Mundelein, IL

Submitted by: Michael and Tané Howland

Fr. Miguel Martinez Figueroa saw how the distress that this pandemic impacted his flock. He quickly found ways to reunite parishioners by live streaming the masses. When the state allowed in early June he brought back some normality to the lives of the flock he serves at Santa Maria Del Popolo, in Mundelein, IL. Complying with the Center for Disease Control safety guidelines. he created the “new normal” of face masks, sanitation and social distancing to reunite his people. None of any of this has been easy on anyone. His strength and love of God has kept his people strong under times of great distress. Today SMdP masses, baptisms, weddings and funerals are back up and running. In this time of great adversary emerged a great leader in the Catholic Church. Our world has been blessed and our lives enriched with his leadership. We nominate to honor this hero priest.

Reuniting his flock of parishioners using new technology.

He accomplished the reopening of SMdP church and sacraments to the people he serves.