The Future for Immigrants & Refugees BY Tiburcio Bazua jr

Previously in a controversy analysis in which I compared the pros and cons to accepting or shunning immigrants and refugees was presented. The analysis included accepting refugees and immigrants for their economic value they hold in todays workforce. The opposing argument denies refugees and immigrants because of the security risks they hold today, common misconceptions include crime/ terrorism. Today a fair representation based solely off of knowledge I have obtained through various research methods and personal experience with immigration will be expressed. Here is my public argument as to why we should accept immigrants and not shun them.

My Experience:

Growing up in Nogales Arizona, a small border town who relies on the agricultural sector in Mexico to transport goods through our small town and deliver them to the entire nation has taught me quite a bit. While Nogales is also known for its various influences from the drug trade which has ultimately given many other border towns with the same problems a bad reputation. Nogales has shaped my perception on US politics when it comes to immigration because of the fact that I have truly lived what these immigration analysist call problems. Having grown up near the border wall all my life, has allowed me to live a unique experience many people never get to see. Seeing these two nations address immigration throughout the years has allowed me to gain a sense of understanding for citizens who are pro or anti-immigration.


My argument deals with the denial of immigrants at Americas doorstep, and why this needs to change. So here’s why denial wont work. There already is a fairly large border wall throughout certain areas along the US/ Mexico border which have only slowed down immigration. I say slow down because immigrants from as far as central America will continue to cross the border in search of a better life whether it be to escape poverty or flee the dangers in their own countries. President Donald Trumps plan to build a Wall is expensive, time consuming and unrealistic. Given the harsh environments and extreme terrain of the southwest a border wall is complicated physically because of the many obstacles that will be presented. A common saying referencing the border wall goes as follows, “ build a 20 foot wall and someone else will build a 21 foot ladder to get across.”

January 27th, 2017 President Donald Trump signed an executive order suspending entry to all refugees and immigrants from 7 predominantly Muslim countries. For 120 days entry into the country through means of “green card” or visa would not be accepted. The terms for a Non-U.S. Citizen were also defined officially (executive).

Immigrants hold an economic value which can be used to benefit the American economy in ways that are unimaginable. It can start with a smart reliable system that will allow documentation for immigrants into the country at an accelerated rate. Given these immigrants already occupy the agriculture sector, they would not be stealing American jobs. If 11 million illegal immigrants would be granted citizenship, the amount of tax dollars contributed to the American economy would grow. A common misconception places immigrants with not paying taxes, while the truth is they have actually contributed billions each year. Immigrants are willing to risk their lives, and work hard labor every day to contribute to the American society. Its time they receive fair representation for their devotion to what they know as the “American dream”.

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