Video Game results

Hello my name is Nathan Gerber. I researched the topic of video games by survey. I asked 10 people 8 different questions about video games. I decided to researched video games because a lot of people play video games everyday.

My expectations were that a lot of people played it on their phones and consoles and averaged about 3 hours a day. I only found a couple of surprises in the short answer. I thought their would be a lot more call of duty's then there actually was. I was able to come up with the conclusion based on the information received. My conclusion will be shown in the graphs below.

This means everyone who took my survey is in the 7th grade.
This means that 8 boys and 2 girls took this survey.
This means that 50% of the people that took this survey were gamer's and the other 50% were not gamer's.
This tells what consoles people play on.
This shows that 80% of people play adventure games.10% play horror and 10% play mystery
This means that 10% of people had 1 console and 10% had 2 ,20% had 3, and 60% had a larger amount
This tells what video game people here about the most.
This tells what got them into video games
This question asked what type of video game they played
This asked how much of a gamer they are.


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