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Our beautiful ocean


Why is the sea rising?

What is Climate change?

What is happening to the world?

How does it affect us?

How can we stop this?



Stress or depression can happen if you read this article. Please stay calm. You can still save the earth before it's too late!



Deforestation, burning fossil fuels, coal, ice melting, sea level rising. Climate change is a serious problem. It can change the planet. We should stop polluting the world and believe in climate change. Make the people out there know that what they are doing should stop. Climate change is caused by human activities that mean you and me, like burning fossil fuels for cars, planes, other transportation. But these things that we are doing are useful for us, so how can we stop this? How does it affect us? What is happening to the world? Can we survive this big problem?

Why is the sea rising?

Did you notice that the sea has been rising over the last century? It has started in 1993. In the present, the sea has already raised up to 84.8 mm. Have you ever wonder why this happens? The sea is rising because of climate change, and it’s the first victim is the sea. Climate changes like temperature rising caused by burning fossil fuels and releasing carbon dioxide into the atmosphere make the temperature rise. As the temperature began to rise since the last century, the ice that is mostly at Greenland and Antarctica began to melt. Many islands also sank down because of the ice that is melting.

Why are ice important to the world?

Ice Glaciers

The two poles are the air con for the earth, it helps the earth to be cool and not too hot. Ice can also bounce back the sunlight back to space which also helps the earth to cool down and prevent ice caps melting. But, ice caps are melting which means that the earth is going to be hotter. The two poles are the air con for the earth, it helps the earth to be cool and not too hot. Scientists have believed that New York city will see the sea level rise in 2100 between 3.5 and 7.3. Ice glaciers are actually made of fresh water. 1 percent of fresh water is on land, and the other percent of fresh water is in the glaciers.

Sea level rising is also a big environmental problem. First, scientists have already estimated that it would be longer, but the more carbon dioxide, more burning fossil fuels, more burning coal, more trees have been cut down. Sea level will rise more sooner than we think.

What is climate change?

Climate Change

Climate change is also another word for global warming. It’s all about the average of the temperature that is rising. Climate change often happens because of human activities like burning fossil fuels for transportations, burning coal for electricity, deforestation, pollution, releasing carbon dioxide into the thin atmosphere. That’s why it’s a real and serious issue. But some people still doesn’t believe in climate change.

How are we releasing carbon dioxide?

People and animal are actually both releasing carbon dioxide or greenhouse gas into the atmosphere. The animal that is releasing deadly or powerful gas that is cows. Cows are releasing not Co2 that we know, but they are releasing Co4 which is methane, they are more powerful and more likely to destroy the earth's atmosphere. People activities are also involved, like transportation that are burning fossil fuels, burning coal for electricity and deforestation.

Deforestation is also a big problem, trees traps and eats carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen instead. But people have been cutting them down, mostly for a place to grow palm trees for palm oils. People are not only cutting them, they are also burning forests. It would act like a carbon bomb and release more carbon into the atmosphere.


Climate change’s first victim is the oceans, as the ocean gets warmer it swells. We still can’t figure a way to actually stop this huge problem, because all the stuff is the things that we need like we need fossil fuels for transportation and burning coal for electricities etc. Climate change also affects the weather pattern and the climate. Natural disasters like floods, deadly heat waves, tornadoes, can be happening if we keep polluting the world.

What is happening to the world?

Climate change

The world is actually getting warmer and warmer each year. The fresh water that is contained in the ice glaciers is starting to melt down because of the greenhouse gas that is surrounding the earth's atmosphere. The fresh water is actually melting into the salt water which is the sea. The climate is going to change like there are going to be floods, deadly heat waves and more. Sea level is going to rise. Temperatures are going to increase. There's a big hole in the ozone layer, in Antarctica. The ozone layer is one part of the atmosphere that helps protect the earth from deadly sunlight and heat. But carbon dioxides are destroying them and making big holes.

How does it effect us?

Temperates are rising

Climate change will affect us on the weather, as the climate started to change, there are going to be more scary storms like tornadoes, deadly heat waves, floods and more. If the climate changes, we would not be able to grow crops, and find food, Tornados will destroy shelters and large building, floods can damage shelters. The sea level rising will effect on the lands that are below sea level. As the sea start to rise, lands that are below sea level will be drowned and more people are going to be in the center of the country. You can see that this is a very serious problem.

How can we stop this?

The are certain ways we can stop it, but we can’t just make the earth cool. Scientists still believe there are things that we can do on a personal level to help the climate is we can recycle and reuse things, walk or use public transportation to go to work or some place that is close enough to your house. Turn off the electronics when we're not using, eat less meat, instead of meat we can eat more locally grown vegetables we can even try using solar powers and last but not least we can spread our knowledge and tell the people to start saving the earth before it's too late.

Stop Pollution and releasing carbon


Climate change is a huge problem, sea level that is rising as well. Many islands are sinking because of us. Too much carbon can make our planet roast like a turkey, our atmosphere is thin only 6 km long. Remember that we are also part of the caused and we can also be part of the solution, we can stop and save the earth together and less pollute it. It's the only living place we know, and we can't live without it. These things are actually happening more faster than we think it would be.

our thin atmosphere


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