My Sea Adventure By Alejandro Lahti

The queen has approved of our voyage and we just left the port in Palo, Spain and are heading for the Canaries. Yet I can't help but feel a little homesick on my first voyage. We checked our supplies today and they are perfect! All of our crew is good, and we are pretty sure we are on the right track. We have been on this boat a week and I'm starting to get a little tired of it. But that doesn't matter because as long as we are okay, I'm fine. Spain doesn't exactly have the best boats, nor the best sailors, but our food and water, navigation tools, and maps are great. I think the voyage is going well so far and I hope it stays that way. All I care about, though is that everyone gets there safely. I thought I saw a giant sea monster earlier, it was big and it was going under the boat, then I saw it come up and had its tail splash in the water and it shook the boat, we were worried until it swam away. The weather was great today we had good wind and we were moving fast, nothing too bad has happened on the boat, and we are sleeping fine, although I have heard that it only gets worse and worse but I hope that doesn't happen. I don't prefer the food we have on board, in fact, I actually dislike it, but it looks like we will have to get used to it as it's the only food we have. I don't really like our living spaces there's water dripping from the ceiling and actually I'd rather sleep on the deck, instead of the overcrowded living space down below. I'm never sure who to trust, because most of our sailors are criminals, some you can trust and some you can't I do have a few I don't think I can trust the ones you don't see much onboard. My job as the navigator and ships surgeon is not very hard, I wish I was captain though, all the gold and riches we'd get it would be amazing, even just thinking about it makes me feel better.

This is the monster we saw
Our map

We checked our supplies and they are all great. We checked are course and we are on the right one. I have been doing more in my job, but it still isn't that bad, I mean all I do is navigate because nobody really gets hurt on this boat. The weather on the ocean is really not very good, in fact its bad enough that while the deck might be more comfortable, its impossible to sleep there

All of our great fruit!

We checked our supplies today as well as our path, as far as we can tell we are on the right path and our food is great. We were cruising along for a while when suddenly, the wind stopped. We spent a few days wondering what to do, but all we could think of doing was waiting. So we waited, we checked our supplies while we waited and nothing had happened to them. Finally, after a week we started moving again. Our crew is better than they would be if we made them tow.

What the sea looked like during the dead calm

We've been on this boat for what feels like forever. While sailing we noticed dark small clouds coming over here, we knew it was a storm so we prepared our ship as much as we could, we put the sails away, and we thought we were prepared for the storm, but we weren't. We struggled to survive and not fall overboard, but even so our sail broke and we had to repair it, luckily we were able to get it fixed pretty quickly, the storm lasted all night and I'm glad it's over.

A sketch I made of the storm

While we were on our way we got a supply check, we checked are meat we noticed it had a green tint, we were disgusted but luckily none of us got sick

Our older crackers

It was 2:00 am and we were about to go to bed in our horrible hammocks when we noticed a bird " Hey! Is that a seagull?" I shouted "yeah, it looks like it is!" All of the sailors around us were suddenly getting much happier, it meant that land was near! We couldn't sleep at all that night and we were waiting for another sign hen suddenly we saw an old wooden board with flowers! Yes! We screamed! Our captain screamed "

A coast

The end of our journey is finally here, and we were so excited to get home that we were bouncing up and down, and the captain didn't even mind! When we stepped off the boat the ground felt so good. It had been so long since I had last touched still ground because we had been On some horrible boat for 2 or 3 months. It had been fun to get off the boat and explore for a few moments but we still spent most time on the dirty, dusty ship

The port


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