Woodland Volleyball Captains 2019 By Jess Vardon, Olivia Sullivan, and Alyssa gillies

Mary Pelkey, Setter, #30

"This year I really want us to focus on being a family. I want us to be one unit."

Katie Sirowich, Outside Hitter, #10

"As Captain, I'd say my main goal is to promote positivity, because it's something that's really necessary to volleyball and just keeping everybody in a good headspace for the season."

Bella Fabrizi, Middle Hitter, #14

"I really want to get the girls to connect more together. I know there's a lot of age differences going on and so I really want us to get that dynamic back."

Sylvia Lemanski, Utility, #22

"My main goal as captain is to make sure that all the freshmen, sophomores, or anyone needs any help, or any questions that they feel they can come to me and they feel they have support on this team."

Jess Vardon, Manager

"I'm looking forward to having a nice easy group of girls that are ready to work and ready to help."