IZZIE A page about me basically....

I love Studio Ghibli movies
I'm practically obsessed with anime.I like the genre's action, adventure, romance, etc.
I love writing, I write on Wattpad. One of my finished Fanfics (Naruto fic) has over 15k views.
I love the Horror Genre. Old, New, Weird, and Dumb I don't care; I love it all.
I'm practically obsessed with horror games, particularly psychological horror like The Evil Within
I also like creepy quotes, this is one of my favorites
I also love Urban Legends: Creepypasta, short stories, video games about urban legends, and anything that could be put under the genre
I love YouTube, these are a lot of my favorite you tubers. Some do commentary gaming others countdowns and so on-so forth. My favorite gaming you tubers are Markiplier, JackSepticEye, and Cryaotic.
I have social anxiety disorder. I take medicine for it now but it used to be crippling problem for me.

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