Water & It's Properties By: Adriana Carneiro

Experiment 1: Water on a Penny

During 4 trials, the average number of drops of water that could fit on a penny was 59.25. As the drops were added, it was an example of both cohesion and adhesion. It was cohesion because the water drops kept sticking to each other as they formed a bubble. It was adhesion because the water drops were sticking to the penny.

Experiment 2: Tests with Soap

During 4 trials of adding soap and water to the penny, the average amount of drops was 11.5. During this experiment, adhesion and cohesion both occurred. Cohesion occurred because the water was sticking to itself and adhesion occurred because the water stuck to the penny and the soap.

Experiment 3: Wax Paper

When water drops were carefully placed onto wax paper, the water drops combined into one big drop and did not dissolve into wax paper. When soap was added to the water drops, they went flat but didn't dissolve. This experiment showed cohesion because the water combined when it was on the wax paper.

Experiment 4: The Paperclip Trick

Once the paperclip was balanced on the water, a team member (in this case it was Christina), touched it and it sunk to the bottom of the beaker. It was balanced first because the water has surface tension. Once Christina touched it, the water lost its surface tension from holding up the water causing it to sink to the bottom.

Experiment 5: The Polarity of Water

When oil was added to the water, it turned in to small bubbles that floated to the top of the beaker. When salt was added, it sunk to the bottom in one piece then once the water was stirred, it all dissolved. This experiment proved that oil is more dense than salt and also that oil is not a polar substance and salt is a polar substance.


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