Katy Seals

Katy is an Assistant Professor of Printmaking at East Central University in Oklahoma.

She is also a co founder of the Bump It Mafia, which is a group of women interested in printmaking and highlighting the importance of fellowship and community not just amongst women, but amongst all artists of all backgrounds

I first was interested in Katy when she came to Empria State to speak about her work at art forum

Art forum was my first introduction to her work

Katy Seals is a printmaker who focuses on a low-brow American culture and folklore through portraiture in her work.

Katy Seals finds inspiration around her personal life to base her work off of, along with dreams and Lisa Frank

For her Thesis show she actually based it off of the show Jersey Shore, and made work based on the ridiculous characters within the show

This just adds to her drawing of inspiration from what was happening in her life at the time

I enjoy her work because she takes dis-tasteful, grungy subject matter and portrays it in a flirtatious, visually pleasing way

Day Drunk

As a future elementary school art teacher I will have to learn to introduce work where the subject matter can be very dark and vicious in a way that children can understand it. This is another reason i am intruiged with her work

I really enjoy the bright, expressive colors that she uses, especially since most of her subject matter is more grungy

Doggy Style

Her work is relatable to me because some of her subject matter being the culture of the South, and although there are pieces that are a lot more "Southern" that i can not relate as much to, there are still pieces that are significant to me

Jarrell, TX II

She creates these characters by using truck stop waitresses, pageant queens and Texas matriarchs as a way to portray an "over-indulgence in American culture"

Jarrell, TX

Her goal is to expose the ridiculousness and illogical nature of Southern culture

Honky Tonk Hand

It catches my attention on how she took one subject matter and turned it into an array of different pieces to come together in this instillation.

Kerri Instilation

She also does this in her characters, where she will take the same character, but portray it in a different way

Fair Dreams
Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad
Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad Part II

She has participated in Drive-By-Press, which is a mobile printmaking studio that travels and talks about the artists experiences, and then does an on-site printing demonstration

Why printmaking?

She enjoys this method because it is a generally a moral, "democratic application" that reaches the general public in a way that is pleasing

As a future art teacher there is a struggle with considering ones self a teacher, or an artist for me.

Katy Seals actually is selling work currently, and is an assistant PROFESSOR, so that is inspirational to me (as a future art teacher) that one can be both an artist and a teacher (PROFESSOR) at the same time

Overall, I feel I am infatuated with her work because of the scruffy, but glamorous subject matter she portrays.

Beautiful Bar Fly

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