Ways to Stay Active and Healthy During Quarantine By Elizabeth Rosenthal

As the world is facing this tough time, many, if not most people, are self-quarantining to help stop the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus). As people stay in their houses, an easy habit is to sit around all day and watch television or play video games. Even though that is entertaining, it is not the best for our bodies, mentally or physically. Here are some ways to stay active and healthy during quarantine.

Emily and Joules sleeping

Sleeping. It may not be physical exercise, but our brains need the rest to maintain a good mental health, physical health, quality of life, and safety. It is recommended that people get between 8-10 hours of sleep in order to have a fully functioning and healthy brain.

Eating Healthy. If we want to take care of our bodies and maintain shape, we need to fill our bodies with foods that will produce nutrients. By eating healthy we will limit our risk of many medical diseases. Some foods that are extremely healthy are fruits, vegetables, nuts, and eggs.

Going for a walk or run. Going for a walk or run is not only good physical exercise, but also good mental exercise. While walking or running, your mind can easily be cleared which helps to relieve stress and take huge weights off of your shoulders.

Different types of weights

Lifting weights. Lifting weights is a good physical exercise because it not only helps build muscle but also helps gain bone density. Weight lifting can also improve posture and can help you to sleep better. You do not need big weights, only the ones you can handle, and if you do not have any weights at home, there are many household items you can use to replace weights. Examples: pets, water jugs, books, etc.

Video of a workout class on YouTube

Workout Videos. Workout classes are an easy and fun way to get physical exercise. You can look up a video on YouTube, depending on what you want to work on, and they don’t take that long. An alternate to a workout class on YouTube could also be Zumba or Just Dance.

Practicing. If you play a sport, spending ten minutes or more outside is a great way to stay active and healthy. You are able to move around and burn calories and get better at the sport you love.

Reading. It may not be a physical workout, but it is a great mental workout. Reading helps you improve memory, empathy, vocabulary, and helps you feel more positive. Also, reading is a great way to forget about the troubles in your life and to slip into a magical, trouble-free world.

Sitting Outside. This may not be exercise, but sitting outside is good for your health because it allows your body to take in fresh, “clean” air. Also, spending time outside comes with many health benefits like lowering blood pressure.