Style Elvira Manyukhina

Artist Statement:

I choose the theme style because it is something that we all have,even if we don't see it. In my opinion style is something that defines us. We present ourselves by what we do and what we wear. You don't even have to physically talk to a person you can just look by there outer appearance and it shows who they are. There are different kinds of styles, each and every one of us has a different unique style and i find that really interesting.I want my presentation to show everyone that we are not all the same and that we have to respect ourselves for who we are.

There are also different types of styles not only in fashion but also in cars and different interesting things like maybe you have a specific style you like your room to be. I did my presentation mostly on fashion because i think its is really creative to see all the different types of styles out there. Hope you enjoy!

Diagonal Lines
Color Psychology
Vertical Lines
Fill the frame

Elvira Manyukhina is a 14 year old girl that is currently attending Henrietta Lacks and Bioscience High School. Was born on May 12, 2002 in Mikhaylovka Russia. Elvira is the middle child of a family of 5. She grew up in a loving and caring home were her family loved and appreciated her.She moved to Vancouver Washington at the age of two and has lived there ever since.

Ever since Elvira could remember she always had a pasion towards photography.

She got into photography about 2 years ago when her dad bought her, her first camera, This camera ment everthing to her. She loved and adored it and started taking photos of plain things like trees and flowers… From there she tried portriats and creative shots.

She really enjoys her photography class. Although does not want this to be her job because she thinks it is to stressful. She has improved in her photography skills after she took this class. This class really did help her take better pictures!

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