hyenas body has spots and is brown with stripes. A hyenas family members are the striped hyena, spotted hyena, and the brown hyenas.

Hyenas only eat meat or other animals like birds, lizards, snakes, and insects. That makes them carnivores. Hyenas hunt in a large groups to hunt for there food. Other animals eat hyenas like zebras and deer.

Hyenas can be found in savannas, forest, and deserts some are even found in mountain regions. In order to survive in the desert hyenas need to hunt for there food and kill other animals. You would find hyenas in the central region of Africa. Hyenas do not live on there own they live with other hyenas.

Hyenas use their hearing to listen for other hyenas that are being killed. Enemies of a hyena are humans and lions. Hyenas run really fast to protect itself from other enemies.

Did you know that hyenas only eat meat? Hyenas eat birds, lizards, snakes, and insects. Hyenas hunt in large groups to hunt for there food. Did you know hyenas live in large groups? Hyenas run really fast to get away from enemies.


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