Real or Make Believe Diego

All plants start from a seed. These are pumpkin seeds.

I am terrified of this t-rex.

This grass is very thin.

Termites like to get on things.

You can switch the settings in the car.

the man is really ache.

You need to take out the weed to plant a flower.

He is dodging the ball.

This is a batch of flowers.

The snow on the grass is slippery.

My Costume

by DiegoPeralta

What are you going to be for Halloween? This year for Halloween mabye I will go trick-or-treat. I am not shere because I do not have a costume. One day my ciosin called me and said that she was at the costume store and she said I will get you a costume and she said, "I will get you a costume." She said that its a Darth Vader suit with a glowing sword with different kind of glowing colors. Happy Halloween!

DarthVater is a villine he is from starewars.


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