Panda Bear BY Anthony

Ailuropoda melanoleuca

Ailuropoda melanoleuca is there scientific name


Panda bears stay away from danger and things that look hostile. they try to avoid human beings.

Loss of habit & Deforestation

Panda bears are losing their habitats and food source which is bamboo. When we get close to where they are they move upward to the mountains.


Don't take bamboo and leave them alone. They will end up being extinct. Don't kill them for their fur for illegal trade markets.


Created with images by BirgittaSjostedt - "Background_4" • WillSowards - "The Hungry Panda" • suecan1 - "panda" • spencer77 - "Giant Panda (Ailuropoda Melanoleuca), Madrid Zoo" • AndrewEick - "Panda bear waiting for bugs to eat...."

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