Video Taping 101 Student Technology Mentor



IDA will assist you to find these items.


1. Arrive 5 mins early

2. Introduce yourself to instructor or Professor

3. Ask the professor or instructor how he/she/they wants videos to record.

  • Student only
  • Student with Screen
  • Screen only
  • with or without the feedback/ discussion

4. Locate the wall power source.

Setting up Camera and tripod (Starting from top left to top right)


Opening the lens cap


Camera Ready Interface (Left) | Count Down (middle) | Camera Recording interface (Right)
  • Pay attention to the storage capacity and battery life (in left picture) as you recording the presentations.
  • Give a count down to the presenter before start recording.
  • Make sure the recording timer is running during the recording (in the right picture).

7. Make sure you are keeping the record of student's name and email in the order of their presentations in the digital format.


Detach the release plate from the camera and place it in the tripod

Make sure all the items from the checklist is with you before you leave the classroom

Ask the professor or instructor how they want to receive presentation videos

  • Option 01 : Via email with STM's Dropbox link
  • Option 02: email the videos to each student

Return the equipments to IDA's

  • Make sure IDA check all the equipments
  • Make sure IDA put the return information in google sheet (Video Taping Sheet)

Make sure the IDA upload the videos to Dropbox

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Created with an image by Thomas William - "My beautiful Super 8 Sankyo camcorder"