Literacies of being a Student-Athlete Ben Garza

Teenagers all around the world have the opportunity to gain a substantial amount of different literacies that will benefit them for the rest of their lives just by simply playing sports. Playing sports comes with tons of literacies in itself.

Athletes are Smarter than non-athletes!

Planning my next clever move

In an article by Fitzalan Gorman he states there is a study that was done by Michigan State University that students who participate in sports typically do better on tests like the SAT or ACT then students who don't participate in a sport. It also states that student-athletes have better GPA's then normal average students. I think a lot of this has to do with being held accountable because the majority of schools require student-athletes to do good in the classroom to play. Also, successful athletes are very intelligent, and creative. It is very important to be intelligent when playing sports. Intelligence is not only needed in sports, but in all areas of life.

Another benefit from sports that will be useful for the rest of a persons life is improving social skills, making friends. Sports is a great way to put people out of their comfort zone and help teach students to learn to adapt.

Making deals

An example of how social skills will be useful in the future is tons of businessmen around the world make friendships, and make business deals by just playing a simple game of golf. This is a great way to interact with partners, and clients and make tons of deals, agreements.

Developing tools to be successful in all areas of life

Here is an example of another benefit from being a student-athlete. In this picture you see a young man learning to be disciplined, and getting advice from a wise person. You also see a determined, driven athlete who has put in a lot of hard work. Learning to do all this at a young age is so great, we are lucky to get opportunities like this and it will help us be successful in all areas of life for the rest of our lives.

The leaders

Sports teaches kids leadership skills at a young age, it teaches you how to be uplifting towards other people, give knowledge to others, hold others accountable, and be a guide to peers. All these traits are a major key to being successful in anything a person does in life.

Me sacrificing junk food to look this good

Another great benefit acquired from sports is it teaches a person who wants to be successful to sacrifice things that are not needed, won't be beneficial, and teaches a person to do things that are beneficial for their well-being. This is a great thing to learn in high school because the sooner a person realizes this and gets rid of things that aren't beneficial the better. This is something that a person will need to be able to do for the rest of their life.
Being a student-athlete does an amazing job of teaching people time management! At a young age we get to become accustomed to managing time. Student-athletes have to go to school, practice, games, and do homework. It also does a great job of teaching us to be on time, always being on time is very beneficial to a person.

Exercise, exercise, exercise!

Playing sports typically means you exercise or do some sort of physical activity for at least 60 minutes a day and that is important. It is good to develop this habit because exercising helps build strong bones. Great long-term benefits.

It is proven that people who were active young are more likely to be active for the rest of their lives. Physical activity reduces the chance of chronic diseases, and it boosts a person's brain.

Putting my hard work to use.
Othello, another great thing about being a student athlete is the opportunity to represent your community, and give back to them. Representing Othello is an honor. I love the fact that being a student-athlete means you get to represent your community and have fun doing it.

These are just a couple of great literacies we can get from being a student-athlete. What is so great is all these qualities that are learned in sports extend beyond the classroom and are going to be used in all areas of life for a long time.

As you can see, all these different qualities that are gained in sports are forms of literacy. Literacies are basically things you know, and understand. It is competence or knowledge in a specific area. All these benefits are forms of literacy because they are all abilities and things that people acquire, these are not things that just happen. You can't learn things like these in school, playing sports is so beneficial and anyone who doesn't do it is missing out and already a step behind. It is so great to be able to use these literacies; the ability to be creative, and create new intelligence, social skills, the ability to adapt and perform under pressure, the ability to work hard and be driven, the ability to be a leader, the ability to sacrifice, and the ability to manage time, not only can these literacies be used in the classroom, but in future career, and anywhere else.

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