American Revolution By Rachael

Why do people rebel against their own government? Why do people think it's okay to rebel. They think it's okay to rebel because they don't agree with something or want to make it a better environment to live in. When is it acceptable to rebel? When what the people say is ignored and things still haven't changed. Or when what you're rebelling for goes towards a happier, safer environment. Is it ever okay to rebel? It's okay when like I said earlier it's for a good cause. Just don't rebel to look cool or cause you want to. Rebel to make where you live a better place. Ex: Boston tea party. The colonists didn't agree with taxes so they dressed up as Indians gallons and gallons of tea was thrown into the Boston harbor.
Question: What was written in Thomas Paine's common sense? Thomas Paine ties in my opinion because In January 9th 1776 he published his pamphlet Common Sense. He was the first person to openly ask to have independence from Great Britain . He used it to speak to the people in the 13 colonies. It influenced many American opinions. He was later arrested for his opinions.
The Tea Tax. The British put a tax in tea and the colonists got mad. They tried changing it but it didn't work. To show how mad they were colonists dumped 342 chests of tha in to the Boston sea while dressed as Indians. Cause: because they don't agree with something placed by the government and feel like they need to make it better and or change it. Effect: they closed down the harbor and got really mad. Then the Intolerable Acts were made.
The common sense pamphlet by Thomas Paine. It was used to convince colonists to try to get independence from Britain. My primary source.

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