Baylis Court School Newsletter Friday 26th june 2020

26 June 2020

Dear Carers/Parents and Students

Welcome back video

I would like to say a big thank you to the students who created a ‘Welcome back’ video for parents and students to watch. It is a very professionally produced video, a polished piece of work – well done to Hanah Shafiq and Christine Msonzah who produced it. A link is on the website and in this newsletter.

The video highlights all of the safety measures that have been put in place to welcome back Year 10 students this term. It highlights the social distancing measures, hand sanitiser before entry, one-way system and cleaning materials in each room. If you are a student, it is worth watching even if you are not in Year 10 so that you can remind yourself of what Baylis Court School looks like.

Student Feedback

This week we talked to students from each year group to get some feedback on their learning experience. One of the benefits of this period in lockdown is that the students have increased their ability to learn independently. Students have learned to become self-sufficient which is a great skill for the 21st century. Staff also listened to some valid points about the setting of deadlines and the variety of work set and will be making enhancements to improve the student experience of lessons.

Preparation for September 2020

Year 7 and Year 12 will begin school on Wednesday September 2nd 2020 and all other year groups on Thursday September 3rd 2020.

Please make sure that we have your most up to date contact details so that we can contact you with any further information. Also, we will use our website news section to keep you informed.

I hope you have a healthy end to the week and a great weekend.

Ray Hinds


Year 10 Safety Precautions

Parent Consultation Days

Year 10 Tuesday 30 June

Year 9 Tuesday 7 July and Wednesday 15th July

Each parent consultation day will be held between 8.30- 15.15.

What to do if you, or any members of your household, display Coronavirus symptoms

1. If at any time you feel that you have Coronavirus symptoms (a high temperature, a new continuous cough, a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste) you must contact your GP or 111. You must self-isolate at home and your parents must contact the appropriate medical service(s).

a. Do not leave your home.

b. Anyone you live with, and anyone in your support social bubble, must also self-isolate.

c. Get a test to check whether you have Coronavirus as soon as possible

2. It’s very important that you stay at home, if you have symptoms that may be caused by Coronavirus (COVID-19) or you live with someone that has symptoms.

If you have had COVID-19, you should stay at home for 7 days from the day the symptoms started. All other household members should isolate as a household for 14 days, even if they don’t have symptoms themselves. The 14-day period starts from the first day you had symptoms.

If others in your household develop symptoms within the 14 days, they need to stay at home for 7 days from the day their symptoms started. They should do this even if it takes them over the original 14-day isolation period.

If you are classed as clinically vulnerable or clinically extremely vulnerable, the rules are different for you. please see the Government website for more information


Ellora Bognadova

Year 9

Detailed studies of animal eyes.

Fiza Kaleem

Year 9

Detailed animal eye drawings

Zaina Rahman

Year 7

Optical Hand Art drawing inspired by Bridget Riley.

Rojeen Borji

Year 10

Artist Copy

Hania Sheikh

Still life

drawing inspired by the work of Yayoi Kasama!

KS3 STEM Action Online:

Join in for three incredible LIVE sessions that will bring the excitement of STEM subjects to you using real world applications. Join online for a programme of inspiration, exploration and experimentation!

1) A taste of the Future

2) Maths, magic and the Mind

3) The science of swimming in the English Channel

If you would like to join in please pay via Parent Pay today. The event is on Monday 29th June from 1pm to 3.30pm. Cost is £6.50


A-Level Results Day, Thursday 13th August 2020, results will be e-mailed to pupils on their school e-mail address at 9:00am.

GCSE Results Day, Thursday 20th August 2020, results will be e-mailed to pupils on their school e-mail address at 9:00am.

Any further information will be communicated to pupils and updated on the website shortly.

During School Diversity Week, primary and secondary schools as well as colleges across the UK celebrate lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans equality in education. ​ In 2019, schools and colleges representing 1.4 million pupils signed up to take part. ​ In 2020 we are running School Diversity Week: Home Edition.

What is the Progress Flag?

The Progress Flag was created in 2018, designed to update the existing rainbow pride flag. The design incorporates the colours of the trans flag (white, pink, light blue) and black and brown stripes to represent LGBT+ people of colour. Both groups face disproportionate levels of discrimination, face unique challenges and have histories that other members of the LGBT+ communities don’t. The flag draws attention to these and encourages us to fight for the equal rights of everyone under the LGBT+ umbrella.

26th June- Rainbow Friday!

Don’t forget, TODAY is #RainbowFriday! We want you to send us photos, (staff and parents too!) - in any one of the colours from the Progress Flag.

Bonus points for photos on the theme of diversity, understanding and celebration.

For more information, please read the School Diversity Week FAQ for Parents

Year 8 Sheeza Abbasi
Year 9 Brooke Williamson

Year 10 Joy Balenthiran created this video

Dear Students and Parents/Carers

I hope you are all well. Please find attached the latest versions of the Health and Fitness at Home presentations. Please take a look and maybe try some of the live yoga sessions run by the 4Motion Team. I hope you all have a lovely weekend. Best wishes,

Mr Mackintosh


Well done to Taybah Ansar and Hannah Setterahmane both in year 8

Maths Enrichment- Year 10 and 11

UKMT Webinars 2020- Eszter Backhausz 2nd July 13:30

As part of our ongoing commitment to advancing the education of young people in Mathematics, UKMT are launching a programme of webinars to further enrich the mathematical learning of students across the UK. We have arranged for some of our most exciting and inspiring UKMT volunteers, who are educators and academics at respected institutions around the UK, to lead these events, and share their enthusiasm for maths with your students. We are aiming these webinars at high ability Years 10 and 11/ S3 and S4/ Years 11/ 12 (NI). Previous recordings can be viewed on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCz_D5xFMlpO5G7qTXlmNCLQ?view_as=subscriber

Thank you Mahin Mahzar for this presentation on Leadership during the school closure.