Escape Gabrielle smith

I was pretty sure my 15th birthday

I had lost track but i was pretty sure it was in the last week

I lost track

while I was on the run

we flew across the ocean

close enough to the water that it could splash me in the face

in the helicopter

handcuffed to the person to your left and right

we arrived

we arrived at The Rig

it was 5 levels

the worlds first floating rehabilitation center

was supposed to be unescapeable

i had escaped the last 5 prisons i was at

very easy

I knew this would be hard

but no prison could hold me


Created with images by marktmcn - "Malecón sunset" • pixelmenschen - "iOS 7 Beta 1 - Calender year view" • apasciuto - "Ocean" • gloriaurban4 - "gulf natural gas rig offshore" • Maaark - "wire prison the depth of the" Words borrowed from "The Rig" By: Joe Ducie

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