Siddhartha Gautama By: Tamara Wilson

Siddharta Gautama; the founder of Buddhism soon becoming a Spiritual Leader. Born into a noble family in Kapilavastu; Himalayas.

Siddhartha never stopped thinking about the outside world, he had never seen before. Siddhartha understood later that every living thing experiences old age, sickness, and death. Only a religious life offers refuge from suffering. Siddhartha decided to spend his life searching for religious truth; an end to life’s suffering.

Siddhartha wandered through India for six years seeking wisdom. He had tried many ways of searching. Debated with other religious seekers and, eating only six grains of rice a day. Yet, none of these methods brought him to the truth.

Finally, he sat in meditation under a large tree. After 49 days of meditating, he understand suffering in this world. From then on, he was known as the Buddha; “The Enlightened One.”

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