Farming and farming manager By Tim Fritz

The three things I learned about farming is that you have to be able to plant, cultivate, spray, and harvest plants. If you live on a small farm you will most likely work on your own. Another thing is that both farms and farm managers make managerial decisions.

The three occupational tasks that you have to do is purchase supplies and eqiuiptment, such as tractors, seed, or fertilizer. You also have to decide the kind and ampount of crops or livestock to be planted or raised. And you also have to inspect and maintain equiptement.

Five helpful elective to take in high school are agronomy, plant and soil science, animal science, agricultural business, and horticulture.
The skills and abilities I would need are to speak clearly, notice when something is wrong, and use reasoning to discover answers to problems.
The three physical demands of this job are to understand the speach of another person, speak clearly so listeners can understand you, and use your hands to handle, control, or feel objects, tools, or controls.
What I have to expect in this work force is that I am responsible for the work of others. I will also have to spend time in equipment, repeat the same activity, and I may work every day, especially if caring for livestock.
Education required for this job is that it is important for those farmers to have formal training, most farmers have years of work expirience, and some farmers learn their skills on the job.
What Inexpect to get paid is $12,540 in Minnesota. Benefits for this job depends on the size of farm.
The employment for this job in Minnesota is very large. Two other occupations Inwould go in to are Dairy Science and farm and ranch management.
Created By
Tim Fritz


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