Auyuittuq National Park of Canada By: Savannah B.

(Day 1) "You ready, Sav?" Fillip said as he threw our suitcases in the trunk. "Ready to be crammed in a car for hours with you guys?" I stated jokingly. "Yah, who wouldn't be?" I say while rolling my eyes. Fillip just laughed it off as Cassie threw her arms around me from behind. "Aw, come on. You love us." she exclaimed while beaming from ear to ear. "I really don't have a choice in the matter" I said smiling as I pulled her arms away from my neck and then shoving her playfully. She scoffed with a smile on her face as the rest of the gang climbed into the car. As I got buckled up a looked around at our messed up little group and knew that this trip to Canada was going to be one to remember.

Several hours later many of us had already fallen asleep. I, of course, had my earpuds and listening to my favorite song while leaning my head on the window ,starring of into the night sky. As I started to doze off I could barely make out the conversation going on between Fillip and Alex. "Do you think it should be a problem?" I could hear the worry in Alex's voice. "I hope not. We wouldn't whant to worry the others" Fillip said as he veered off the highway. I feel asleep wondering what would happen when we got to Auyuittuq Park.

(Day 2) "Wake, Wake." I slowly opened my eyes and saw Jason poking me. "Ugh, get it away" I complained. Looking confused he replied "Get what away?". I picked up the blanket next to me and chucked it at him "Your face. It's to smiley". Laughing he folded the blanket up and got out of the car, only looking back to say "We're here, Smiley." Ignoring the "smiley" comment, I jumped out of the car and looked around, only to be disappointed. "This isn't Auyuittuq." I said while shooting Fillip a glare. "Well, no duh, Captin Obvious." Lilly snapped as she walked over. I sighed very, very deeply and tried not to snap right back at her. I was determined to make the most of this trip. "Well, then where are we are, Lilly?" I replied. "Well, Savannah, we're at the boundary of Pangnirtung Fiord." She stated calmly making sure to emphasize my name when she said it. "What are we doing here?" I said to her residing back. She stoped and sighed before reluctantly explaining "From here we're going to take a couple snow machines to get out to Baffin Island." This time it was Cassie who stepped up, "Why not just travel there by boat?" Lilly raised an eyebrow in her direction "Have you seen the lake, Sherlock? It's completely frozen over." Taking one glace at the lake Cassie replied with a quite "oh..." as I shot Lilly a glare. I know she was explaining things to Cassie but, geez, no reason to be so harsh about it.

As we raced across the ice on the snow machines, I began to see the Auyuittuq National Park clearer and clearer. When we finally got there we saw plenty of other visitors besides ourselves. The visitors where all doing something different. Some where just relaxing in thier winter coats and watching the wildlife while others where headed towards a hiking path or getting ready to go climb some of the ginormous mountainside could see in the distance.

As the wildlife guide gave us instructions on how to stay safe here, I continued to look around at all of the scenery around me. I occasionally caught a few sentences of what she was saying like how "wise travelers will learn to adjust their travels to the weather patterns of the land they are visiting." Finally she was done and we where able to go and do what ever we whant. The first place we went? Now that was easy. We all headed straight for the dog sledding.

When we arrived at the place for dog sledding we met with a guy who was going to give us a tour around the park on the dog sleds. As Alex passed he whispered sarcastically "yeah, lets go dog sledding. What's the worse that could happen." I just laughed as I pulled my coat tighter around my and took of and the sled.

(Day 3) As we trugged back to the Park for our second day of the snow wonderland, we all had sore feet because of how long we where standing the day before. Let's just say that the Alex was right dog sledding wasn't the brightest idea. We where all inexperienced and had no idea how to ride. So that caused for many of us to either fall of or crash the whole sled.

Today we have decided to go skiing instead. Again, probably not the best idea since we all have sore feet but, the fact that we're all stubborn outweighs the fact that our feet hurt. Before we pushed off to go down the hillside, I saw something I never expected. It's was Lilly... except it wasn't, well at least not the one I was used to. This Lilly actually looked... scared? It was to late to stop and see if she was alright cause before I knew it I had already taken of down the hill. Skiing here wasn't the best. Powder is vary rare and the ice is almost completely solid witch makes it hard to ski over. To add to that, most of our descent down hill required climbing equipment witch we found out of the way behind a tree or rock. Even though it was a little difficult it was still really cool to try something new like that.

As we started to head back to the hotel we where staying at for our vacation, I stoped and looked back at the park. I sensed everyone else come up to stand next to me. As we gazed out of the park I knew "This is definitely going to be a trip to remember."


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