How the Epiphany is Celebrated in Mexico By Kyle

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Three Wise Men Day, also known as Día de los Reyes in Spanish, is a holiday celebration that celebrates when the magi visited the infant Jesus.

The celebration brings gifts to children. The magi are more popular than Santa!

A famous tradition is the edible wreath. It's a giant round cake filled with dried fruit.

According to famous belief, the city of Lima was found on on January 6th. It's originally name was believed to have been Ciudad de los Reyes. Francisco Pizarro was credited with the find.

Three Wise Kings Day is famous for its parties and celebrations all across Latin America.

It's celebrated on January 6th. It's known as the 12th day of Christmas.

The Three Wise Men were known to be Magi. They were believed to be astronomers. People believe there names were Gaspar, Melchior, and Balthazar.

In Mexico, it is a tradition to serve corn tamales and hot chocolate.

In Mexico, the biggest tradition is eating the edible wreath or king's ring.

There is a baby Jesus figure in the cake to represent Jesus as a gift.

That person is expected to host a party in February of the person who found it.

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