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Questions: Popularity and General Knowledge of Spectator Sports What is your favorite sport to watch? What sport did you play as a kid if any? How many players does a baseball team consist of? How are the bases in baseball numbered? How many points is a touchdown worth in American Football? How many total players are on the field during a football game? How long are minor, and major penalties in a hockey game? What is the definition of an icing in hockey? How many games does a player have to win to win a set in tennis?

Who am I surveying: Family.

Leanne O’Brien, John O’Brien, Mary Tynan, Michael Tynan, Megan Tynan, Tim O’Brien, Conor O’Brien, Danny O’Brien, Kelly O’Brien, Michael O’Brien.

Relevant questions: What sports did you play? What sports do you watch?

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The topic that I chose was the general knowledge and popularity of all sports. I chose this topic to find out about how much people know about certain sports and which sports are most popular within the group that I questioned which was my family. Through my form I was planning to see if the sports that I assumed to be popular within my family were actually popular. Some sports like hockey and football were very popular within my family and I presumed this to be the case because I know what my family watches in terms of sports. Through this survey I have also found out that some sports that I presumed to be popular within my family were actually not popular. The results of the survey were helpful because they showed the popularity of some sports that I did not even know were popular within my family when they actually were. I also had a second part to the survey which was based around the general knowledge of certain sports throughout my family. My family’s results showed that the people who chose that they watched certain sports did well on the questions according to those sports. This was expected by me because I know that if my family watched a certain sport that they would be big enough fanatics to know the general rules of each sport. It was through this part of the survey that I would prove that if people watch a certain spectator sport they would be able to answer the questions about that sport correctly. I was also trying to prove that if someone does not watch a certain sport they would not be able to answer the questions about that certain sport and my reason being that people only have certain knowledge of sports from watching it. I have came to the conclusion through the results of this survey that what I am trying to prove is true which is that if people are not fanatics of a certain sport they would not be able to answer questions related to the sport they do not watch correctly. My reaction to the results of this survey is surprised. It was through this survey that I have found out that some of the sports that I presumed to be not be played by my family were actually played. Specifically I was surprised to find out that some of my family had played water polo during their younger years. Water polo was a sport that I had no clue about before this form and this is the reason that I am surprised about this information. I was also surprised to find out that some people within my family were able to get some of the questions about sports they did not watch correctly. The sport that I am talking about is Tennis which was a sport that none of my family had watched but some of them were able to answer the questions related to tennis correctly.

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