Celebrating Holi At home in belmont

Holi celebration promotes community togetherness

The Belmont community had the opportunity to immerse themselves in Hindu culture for an afternoon. On March 24, the Belmont Library hosted a Holi celebration, which drew a large turnout for Indian themed activities, performances, and food.

Dancers from the Pagrav Dance Studio kicked off the event by performing their traditional Indian dances and poetry.

“Our dance classes are complemented with meditation, dance history lessons, and opportunities to choreograph,” said Purvi Jejurkar, the artistic director and owner of the Pagrav Dance Studio located in Belmont.

By Audrey Boyce

Belmont festival gives recognition to Indian Culture

For many people of Indian descent, the coming of spring brings excitement for Holi. The memory of vivid colors throughout the air and quality time with family floods our minds and raises our spirits.

Last week, the Belmont Library hosted a Holi Festival with traditional festivities such as Bharatnatyam (traditional Indian dance), Bollywood music, and the throwing of the colors. The event included classic Indian food, Samosas, and Chai.

The celebration attracted quite a diverse crowd. It was a proud moment to see so many people coming to learn about and appreciate Indian culture.

By Anika Bhatnagar

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