Harn Museum of Art By Lauren Koeppel

Medium of the Art / Technique of the Artist

At the Harn I encountered an oil painting with many many layers that all came together to create the Manhattan skyline. What I found so striking were the lines on top of lines that added to so much depth to the painting. I felt as if it were a 3D image of Manhattan through a abstract lens. The reason I appreciate this painting so much is because I have worked with oil pastels before and know the difficulty that comes with it. While you typically have a very smooth painting with nice blending it is extremely difficult not smudge the painting or slide your oil pastel the wrong way.

Design of the Museum

I particularly enjoyed the Ceramics: Avenues of Exchanges exhibit. The openness and natural light filtering into the space matched the serenity that each ceramic art work conveyed. I thought it was interesting that the smaller the art work, the more off to the side and closer the pieces were to each other and that the larger art work took center of the room. It was like the art built up from outside in creating a spacious environment to move around and appreciate the art.

Art and its Core Values

Looking at abstract piece I saw my core value of a work/life balance reflected back to me. The piece was plain white bowel with dimples in the plaster filled with shards of shimmering green glass. To me the white exterior represented the austerity and dull the a 9 to 5 job can have and green center represented the fun and diverseness of life the should always remain at one's core. To me, the art suggested that if your stuck in a boring hum drum environment to not let it get to you.

Art and the Good Life

I chose the very simple photo of Frida Kahlo with her dog by Hector Garcia to represent my ideal good life. Upon this photo I was able to connect the "sharing the good life" theme we had discussed in class because it signifies that something as intense as a soul mate is not the only way to achieve happiness and a feeling a family. In the photo Frida proves that happiness can be achieved by having a simple pet. In my good life journey I hope a dog will part of it.

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