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April, 2017

District Highlights:

  • 2017-'18 Proposed Budget: Invest, Improve, Innovate - Community Vote is May 16
  • Watch Video: District Moves to BYOD for Gr 8-12 in the Fall
  • April Board Study Session Focuses on Literacy and Our District's 'Stretch Goal' Around Reading
  • MHS Students Take 3rd Place in Federal Reserve Bank of NY's "Fed Challenge"
  • Our Very Own Computer Science Students Featured in Westchester's State of the County Address
  • Celebrating Poetry During National Poetry Month
  • It's Gardening Time! Our Elementary Students Are Busy at Work
  • New Video: "THIS" is Mamaroneck Schools: Authentic Learning in Our District

2017-'18 Proposed Budget Up For Community Vote May 16

For many months, District administration, staff and Board of Education members have been working to refine the District's educational plan for the 2017-2018 school year. The Proposed Budget that will be brought forth to the community for a vote on Tuesday, May 16th is an articulation of that plan. We hope you will become informed of the budget if you have not already done so, and most importantly, mark your calendar to vote on Tuesday, May 16th at your local elementary school between the hours of 7 am and 9 pm.

The 2017-2018 Proposed Budget provides the resources for the District's educational plan, offering students rich learning experiences in real-world settings. Mamaroneck's curriculum is built around hands-on, authentic learning opportunities beginning in Kindergarten and continuing through high school.

Watch Video: Technology as a Powerful Tool to Enhance Learning; District Moves to BYOD in Fall, 2017

In the Fall of 2017, Mamaroneck Schools will be offering a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) option for all students in grades 8-12. If you have a child in one of these grades, keep your eye out for a mailing with more details and a sign-up form. Additional details, including an extensive FAQ, can be found on the District website.

Technology is a powerful tool to support and enhance the teaching & learning that takes place in our classrooms every day. Technology engages, connects and empowers students while preparing them for an ever-changing world. In grades 4-7, students have been using chromebooks, while students in grades 8-12 have been using iPads. Across the Mamaroneck School District, the Google Suite for Education has been fully adopted. All this has been made possible through significant network infrastructure improvements creating a network that is fast, powerful and secure.

Focus on Literacy at April Board of Ed Study Session

Mamaroneck School District's Elementary Literacy Team provided an update to the Board and community on progress made toward the District stretch goal of ensuring that all students read capably and voluminously, finding joy and success in the books they read. This update included discussion of how young readers learn to read, as well as how our new K-2 Word Study program is supporting students in the process. The team also shared the ways in which electronic collection of reading level data allows for the examination of students' reading progress over time.

A 3rd Place Finish for Mamaroneck High School's Fed Challenge Students

MHS students took 3rd Place in the 2017 high school Fed Challenge competition at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The "Fed Challenge" is a competition designed to bring real-world economics into the classroom. Teams play the role of monetary policymakers by analyzing economic conditions and recommending a course for monetary policy. The MHS team was one of 13 high school teams from across NY competing in the Semifinals before advancing to the Final Four, where they finished in a tie for 3rd Place. Congratulations to team members Courtney Sawyer, Evan Kreinces, Alex Alma, Emily Renner, Sophia Danziger, and Stephen Rothman

Westchester County Features MHS Students Talking About App Competition in State of the County Video

Mamaroneck High School's computer science program was featured in Westchester County's 2017 State of the County address. Computer Science Teacher Jigar Jadav and student Sam Brause are shown talking about the County's Mobile App competition providing students the opportunity to design real-world mobile apps to benefit the elderly (MHS won the inaugural competition in 2015.) The video focuses on County stories and programs that residents have benefited from.

“Competition gives you an incentive to want to win and to want to succeed and to want to work harder,” MHS Computer Science student Sam Brause

Celebrating National Poetry Month with 'Poetry Live'

Hommocks and MHS students participated in Poetry Live, an event to celebrate National Poetry Month. Joining middle and high school students from around the country, reading their original work and seeing it published, the goals of the program are:

--To increase awareness of poetry as a viable and accessible means of communication.

--To expose participants and the audience to a range of poetic expressions and Poets Laureate.

--To encourage students in the art of poetic thinking and writing.

It's Gardening Time!

A glimpse of the gardening initiatives taking place in our elementary schools:

At Murray Ave. School, all 3rd grade classes visited Murray Farms, Murray’s vegetable garden, to sow seeds for a spring salad garden. Students spent time observing the garden soil — which they found was dark, crumbly and full of earthworms — and used their knowledge of seed germination to determine how deep to plant the seeds. Classes are keeping journals and growth logs to track the progress of their salad garden in the coming weeks. The students will have a salad tasting in June to celebrate their hard work. Additionally, yesterday the Murray Garden Recess Club measured and laid out rows for growing corn, measuring one-foot rows and laying straw paths between each row. Murray's very own compost was used to enrich the soil and planted a “green manure” to grow until we’re ready to plant our corn.

Students and parents volunteered at Central School to participate in "Spruce Up Central" day, staying after school to turn the soil and add beautiful flowers to planters in front of the building.

At Chatsworth Ave. School, 2nd graders planted in Mrs. Peters' garden. They spent some time studying different types of lettuce, noticing the similarities and differences between the varied kinds and also had fun digging for worms.

MAS Kindergarteners planted sweet pea seeds using egg shells as biodegradable pods. After the sweet peas germinated, 2nd graders transplanted the plants into the MAS school garden. The egg shell pods will help provide nutrients to the peas and the soil.

New Video -- "THIS" is Mamaroneck Schools: Authentic Learning in Our District

In case you missed it, check out our new video produced as part of our long-term effort to define, describe and communicate the value of a Mamaroneck Public Schools education. Working with the Mamaroneck High School video department, led by Emily Dombroff, the video captures the essence of a Mamaroneck education by giving you a small glimpse of the many authentic learning experiences we offer our students from Grades K-12 throughout the course of the year. Special thanks to our community partners, including the Mamaroneck Schools Foundation, Sheldrake Environmental Center, and the STEM Alliance of Larchmont-Mamaroneck for helping to make these educational opportunities possible and for contributing to the overall educational experience of our Mamaroneck School District students.

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