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My name is Hope and I am a member of the Year 11 Media Group at Magna Academy Poole. Together with my friends Elliott, Freya and Scott, we have been championing Student Voice broadcasting at Magna for a few years.

On Friday, 22 November, the Magna PTFA staged its third annual Festive Friday. Between 5pm and 8pm, our school transforms itself from a place of education into a Winter Wonderland of pre-Christmas stalls offering food, drink, crafts, jams, chutneys and lots of tombola-style fun and games.

I took some photos through the evening with my fellow Media Monster, Scott, and we thought we would share them here with you as a gallery to give you a little taster of what went down the evening Santa came to Magna...

OK, so the focus isn't everything it should be. But, with scary elves like these, maybe that's a good thing.

OK, so you may be asking what on earth is happening here.

Well, this is our Human Fruit Machine. We had a 10-second audio track of the coins going into the machine, the lever being pulled and the tumblers spinning. Three goes for one pound (although we gave lots of children free goes too!).

There's me on Tumbler One. Hannah is on Tumbler Two and Megs is on Tumbler Three. Two fruits wins a small token prize. Three fruits a big prize!

This was a lot of fun, not just for the people who came to play the machine.

Believe it or not, we even got quite into the Maths topic of Probability and - later in the evening - even 'retired' some of the fruit cards to give people a better chance of winning.

Miss Poore and Miss Norris ran a fantastic pizza and hog dog stand. The rumour is that this was Sean's 47th piece of pizza of the night. Nobody was that surprised...

We were entertained through the evening by our Festive Choir, who were all volunteers from the cast of 'Elf Jnr' at Magna Academy.

The shows take place at 7pm on the evenings of 17th and 18th December.

Tickets at £2 each for under-16s and £4 each for adults.

There is still a Festive Family offer running where you can get two adult tickets and two child tickets for £10. Bargain!

Tickets are on sale now in the Music Room every Break and Lunch time. I'm certainly going to be there and I hope you will too. It's going to be great.

Oh... I nearly forgot. Thank you to the Choir for a REALLY BIG rendition of 'Happy Birthday' for Mrs Claire Butteriss, our PTFA Treasurer.

It was her birthday on Festive Friday and we managed to seriously embarrass her with this big singalong.

...and I also almost failed to mention the most important of things...

Festive Friday raised an incredible £2,600+, which the PTFA team can now put towards a range of projects that will benefit ALL students at Magna Academy.

So, from me and from Scott (and from my other fellow Media Monsters) we just want to wish you all a very happy, safe and snug Christmas this year.

I am off to Tokyo on Saturday to compete in the World DMT (Double Mini Trampolene) Championships. When I am back, I'll have a report to write about how that went and I'll be publishing that on the Magna website.


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