Foods in Southwest Asia BY Zach&Gatlin

Vegetables and pulses are the main source of food. They are boiled, grilled, stuffed, and stewed, they cook this meal with meat and rice. these are the top 5 foods in the east Hummus, Manakeesh, Grilled halloumi, Foul meddamas, Falefel. The eggplat is the most common vegetable in the middle.

Flat bread is the most common.Pita Bread is the one of the oldest bread. A tannour is the most used oven for bread. Bread is stuck to the sides in till they are done. Also another type of bread is lavash. This is cooked on a concave iron pot. Also bread is mostly made form wheat.

Persian walnuts, melon, tangerine, citrus fruits, kiwis are some fruits in the middle east. Dates palm, are known for the eatable fruit on it branches. The dates are pollinated by the wind. Date trees are an average height of 15-25 meters. Also dates have more than one trunk. The dates are about 3-7 cm long. The main types of dates are: soft, semi dry, and dry.

The most favored meats are lamb and mutton. Also in some places there is pork. They usually used in stew and broth. It is also used in salads.

Here is a link for middle eastern foods recipes


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