Appreciating the greenery and fresh air for keeping fit in the parks members : erna azurah & shu ting

Singapore has many parks built by the government for exercise and enjoyment. A park id a kind of pleasure-garden where the locals who stay nearby do their daily keep-fit activities like exercising , jogging and cycling .The aim of this photo story is to encourage more people to visit these parks to exercise nature and lead a healthy lifestyle .

This photo shows that there is a group of people jogging together . They probably had planned to lead an healthy lifestyle . It is a common sight to see joggers running in the park . Jogging is the simplest way to a healthy lifestyle .
Yoga makes our body feels better . Practising postures , breathing exercises and meditations make our body , mind and spirit healthier . Doing yoga in the park is a good choice as the park is a quiet place and comfortable place .
Cycling 20 miles a week can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease . Cycling makes our body physically fit .
Children playing at the water playground . They did not litter or vandalise the public playground .
Fish ponds are a common sight in our park . The fish pond is clean and there is some signboard that advise not to fish or swim in it .
Signboards which stated " NO RELEASING OF ANIMALS " and " NO SWIMMING " . This is to maintain safetiness of the park .
Throwing litter in the bins helps to maintain cleanliness for the user and as well as animals that have in it . Somewhere in the park , there will also a sign of " NO LITTERING " and " NO SMOKING " which is a good habit of practising not to litter . Littering can affect the park .

We must appreciate the parks as the park are where we can enjoy the greenery and do exercises to keep fit . We must not litter but conserve the greenery in the parks .

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