Quotes By: megan iennaccarO

"A driver cannot be a witness to his own destiny."(14)

This quote made me think a lot. Racecars move so fast the actions in them are just muscle memory. If they think for even a second they could mess the whole race up. The quote means that he will not know what happened until after it has happened. Race drivers watch themselves on video tapes finding every mistake because they didn't realize they did it the first time. A driver never knows what's going to happen. One little pebble can mess up the whole race.

"We are the creators of our own destiny."(38-39)

This quote is saying we have a choice in what actions and words we introduce ourselves with. If you were driving and turned your steering wheel really hard, your destiny wouldn't be to great. If you made a rude comment to someone around the pricaple, your destiny wouldn't be to great. We all set ourselves up for what comes next. It's the decisions you make that lead up to the future. Some decisions are great and that can lead to destiny.

"... only those who are ready."(82)

I think this quote means people are ready to pass away when they have lived life to the fullest. They don't have any regrets and are willing to accept the fact they are dieing. They live life with a smile on their face. They don't have anything to worry about. They know that gods love is all they need and nothing else. They don't take things for granted and appreciate what they have. They are ready.

"I listened that night, and I heard."(85)

This quote is very significant. If you actually listen to the tone someone is speaking at, you can tell the persons mood and how they feel. They don't even have to be saying anything, just look at their body language. If you really try to listen you can learn a lot about that person.

"Today is the first day I am not dead."(137)

Being dead meaning not being able to get up and move around. Being alive means to be free and be able to express yourself. You don't feel trapped or tired, you feel full of energy. You want to get up, go on a run, and make the most of your day.

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