Edward "ED" Theodore Gein By: Jordan Roberts

Organized or Disorganized

Ed Gein was an organized killer because he did many of the same things to many people. For example Gein went to the local graveyard and stole the bodies of over 40 people, he used their skin to decorate his house and make things from the skin and body parts.

The Flesh 2.0

Background Information

Gein was born on August 8,1906 in Wisconsin, he moved to a farm outside plainfield. His father was an alcoholic and his mother was very dominant. Both of their parents died, his father died in 1940 and his mother died in 1945. Gein nailed his mothers door shut and began "redecoration in his own inimitable style. From childhood gein questioned his masculinity and considered amputation of his male member.He considered transsexual surgery but always thought there has to be an easier way of "turning female"

What he did?

Ed was responsible for multiple crimes including the murder of Mary Hogan in 1954 and Bernice Worden in 1957. When Worden went missing the police investigated his house and searched it finding absolute horror.Not only did they find Wordens body but they also found the body parts of other victims throughout the home. They found at least 40 corpses from the local grave, he kept the bones and skin as his prized possessions. On July 26th 1984 dein was found dead due to respiratory and heart failure. His grave was vandalized and eventually stolen in 2000.

What would you do to solve this case better?

If Edward had been given some help at childhood he may have been mentally better and that would have stopped him from committing all of these crimes of stealing people from graves. Also if there was some kind of security at night at the grave sites then the authorities would have been able to capture ed before he committed the crimes and put him in jail where he couldn't commit the crimes he committed

How would this help you at other crime scenes?

This could help me at other crime scenes because I would be able to see how if a person has a bad childhood it could make them become mentally ill and that could make them turn into a serial killer. Also if you suspect someone of something search them to see if they have any evidence that would help lead to their arrest


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