I want to stop the war and lack of education in Syria

It is estimated by The Guardian that 70 million children worldwide get no education. These are in countries such as Haiti, Comoros, Ethiopia, North Eastern Africa, Syria, Iraq, and Kenya

The problem is, is that 48.5 million children around the world don't go to school because of wars that are happening in that area. This affects education in a huge way. This is because the war that take place in those countries are life threatening to the children and destroy the schools. And deny children their education.

I would help them by making a fundraiser to help the children pay for their school supplies and funding for the school and to build for the school. I would also be helping the armies fight the terrorists in that area to allow school buildings to be built and for them to be safe.

I would like to conclude saying this. “I want to help the lack of education, and help Syria with this war that they are going through.” It is important that people take action and help these people because they have suffered long enough for absolutely no reason. My reason for this is because i'd like to restore the peace and education in Syria. And give people the education and freedom they deserve.


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