MTK Created by Travis riley

This is my director reel. Compilation of all of my films made in 2016. 100 seconds of creative and diverse shots made by MTK hilmself. Background music accompanied by artist G- Easy.

This video was inspired by the film Suicide squad and the music the artist Kehlani made with it. Starring in this film is a good friend of mine Carinne along with our other friend Emma. This was filmed in downtown Oswego some time ago. This was not a paid shoot just a interesting idea I would put into motion. The lyrics on screen came from the idea of " Chainsmokers-closer" Video and I thought I should give my art a creative twist. I hope you enjoyed my film above.

Above is a film I made for my school's student section. It is only at trailer currentlyat the moment but the inspiration behind this was a IHSA contest for the best school with the student section and my peers and I decided to enter into it. I have film from the games alone with old film from our first state championship in football. I would like to see where my peers and I stand in a few months along the lines of a finish version but that is to be decided in the future. I hope you enjoy my film above.

This short film holds the largest view count to date on my youtube page. A good friend of mine " Cort" moves from Illinois to Texas and we wanted to make a farewell video for him and he said it was okay. Starring in it we see cort go around to friends , teachers, and other loved ones to say his goodbye

This is a fast paced Music video made by my cousin and I. It is filmed on a top floor condo in downtown Chicago. Very light-hearted and available for radio use.

MTK close friend "Jodi" is back again with a 1 year anniversary from his and MTK first ever music video. One of MTK more creative visuals.

Sammie J one of MTK first artist he ever worked with comes back again. This video is totally animated and one not like the usual cinema styled visuals MTK is used to making

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