Week in sports: 4/10/17 Office of Continuous School Improvement

CSI WEEK IN SPORTS is for CSI Staff, Office of Post-Secondary Readiness and District collaborators; detailing weekly updates, events, & highlights.

Week 30/38

Every Student Thrives!

"You surrender to a lot of things that are not worthy of you. I wish you would surrender to your Radiance... your Integrity... your Beautiful Human Grace "

- yogi bhajan

Surrender to it...

Spring 2017 CSI Updates


Preparing for a strategy with the Office of Equity and Elevation Network to collaborate on transformation in West Oakland

  • MLK/ Lafayette Merger
  • West Oakland Middle Transformation
  • McClymonds Redesign
  • Prescott / Hoover improvement & evaluation of expansion options
  • STEAM Corridor


Evaluate the impact of the Strategic Partnerships w/ Elevation Schools to determine which will continue and in what ways next year 2017-18

  • ANet (MLK, Lafayette, West Oakland Middle, Frick)
  • Partners in School Innovation (Brookfield, Reach, Prescott, Sankofa)
  • MDC (ECP, Alliance, Emerson, Westlake)
  • ERS (McClymonds, Fremont, Castlemont)
  • Ed78 (Hoover)


Organize the support structure for the SIG Schools (Futures/CUES) led through CSI / OPSR, likely maintaining these schools in their respective networks for now.

  • SQR in Spring, 2017
  • Hire Director, Grant Manager, Strategic Fellow (Data)
  • Data & Inquiry Training
  • Summer Retreat Planning

4. SPM / Facility Master Planning

Through Educational Facility Master Planning process and insights Learning Groups including gathering User experiences; prepare for a set of school portfolio recommendations that require deep planning & engagement re:

  1. School mergers - where would this lead to higher quality seats and how best to engage and implement?
  2. School relocations - where would facility improvements at an alternate site lead to increasing access to quality school programs?
  3. School closures- in what instances, and with what engagement and implementation approach would closing a stand alone school place students closer to quality seats?
  4. Replication - in what instances might a successful principal and team of 2-4 staff from an existing school, take up leadership at another site to replicate successful practices?
  5. Expansion - Grades served - in what instances would facility improvements and expanded grade levels served (K-8, 6-12) increase student access to quality seats
  6. Charter Housing - in what instances would facility improvements or other reconfigurations lead to establishing unhoused (existing, high quality) charter schools in a position to continue serving students in quality seats
  7. Charter Policy - in what ways can policy / practice changes increase existing charter school capacity to serve low performing and/or special education and/or highly mobile and/or newcomer students (these populations are currently underserved in Oakland charter schools .)
  8. Enrollment policies/ practices - in what ways may Quality Schools or seat capacity be grown through adjusting preferences and/or enrollment cap management and/or methods of selecting school choices and/or new marketing strategies, etc.

CSI Goes to School!

Carnegie Foundation 2017 Summit on Improvement in Education


April 10

  • Facility Master Plan - School Portfolio Sync-up
  • Learning Group Leads Sync-up
  • Executive Cabinet
  • CSI Budget Check-in
  • CSI Staff 1:1's
  • MLK Early Learning Supt Meeting
  • School Portfolio Planning Weekly Mtg
  • CSI/ OCE / Elevation Meeting (Sankofa + others)

April 11

  • Oakland Alignment Meeting
  • SPF 2.0 Planning
  • SIG Steering Committee Meeting
  • CSI Team 1:1's
  • CSI / Engagement Team: MLK/ West Oakland Planning
  • Final Latino Men & Boys Leader Selection

April 12

  • Superintendent Work Plan Meeting
  • Aspire ERES Facility Check-in
  • ERS Weekly Cohort Meeting
  • CSI Budget Lock-in
  • CSI Staff 1:1's
  • KSR School Visits Call
  • SPF Project Team Meeting
  • Intensive Pathways SPF Planning Meeting
  • Assessment Lead Team Meeting
  • Board Meeting: CSI Board Update

April 13

  • April KPI Session Planning Meeting
  • CSI 1:1's
  • Academic Guidance Document Planning Mtg
  • Facilities / SPM Sync-Up Weekly Meeting
  • Alignment Oakland Logic Model Meeting
  • Equity Pledge Steering Committee
  • Executive Principals Meeting

April 14

  • Cabinet: Business & Operations
  • Strategic School Decisions Meeting
  • Language Programs Meeting
  • Equity Factor SPF Analysis Meeting
  • Executive Principals Meeting

KPI's - Key Performance Indicators

FOCUS: Bright Spots, SPF Report Updates

Executive Cabinet begins weekly data dive into District KPI's at the start of each meeting.

Contact Juan Du with any questions about this data set.


Keep this hit record on the air... contact CSI to receive Department training on how to read and use the SPF and KPI's.


Future Updates

To include:


Office of Continuous School Improvement

Helps schools and our district become the "Best at Getting Better"

Key Functions:

  • Measuring & reporting school performance annually & throughout the year using SPF and KPI's (district & charter)
  • Designing & implementing tools for data-driven Cycles of Inquiry, strategic school site planning, progress monitoring of programs, analysis and reporting of what's working & not working, and sharing effective practices
  • Identifying schools for Intensive supports or eligibility for Innovation; & coordinating access & implementation of those supports and services
  • Facilitating decision-making and implementation of new schools, grade configuration expansions, & charter reauthorizations, school mergers or consolidations, and school closures
  • Facilitating team responsible for ensuring annual allocation of facilities for new and/or growing schools, changing programs, and charter school requests

We remain lean by collaborating across the district to ensure that Quality is Everyone's Responsibility


Please Contact David Montes de Oca with Immediate Questions at david.montes@ousd.org

OUSD Selects its Values!

Students First - Equity - Excellence - Integrity - Cultural Responsiveness - Joy

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